WHWrLAB 2016

Obiageli (Oby) Nwankwo, ACTIVIST

Obiageli Nwankwo is a retired Chief Magistrate in Nigeria and currently the Executive Director of the Civil Resource Development and Documentation Centre (CIRDDOC), based in Enugu, Nigeria. CIRDDOC works to assist women to acquire a basic knowledge of the laws that affect them in their daily lives, and publishes legal education materials to enhance legal literacy in society. CIRDDOC also promotes access to justice by providing free legal services to those that cannot otherwise afford to pay for them. cirddoc.org

Jules Rochielle, ARTIST

Jules Rochielle is the Creative Director at NuLawLab, Northeastern University School of Law, She has developed key institutional and community partnerships and programs for the lab. Jules is also the Project Director and Manager of Social Design Collective (LLC) and she is the founder of a collective known as the Social Practices Art Network. She utilizes the following creative strategies: applied design, collaborative practices, public art, public pedagogies, civic engagement, social justice, participatory media, social media, GIS mapping, data collection, research, social media and storytelling. She has 15 years of experience in leadership, team building and project management. julesrochielle.com

June 27 - July 1, 2016

Global Fund for Women, a breakfast honoring Oby


Email from Jules to Oby | June 28

Dear Oby, 

I wanted to follow up with some links to a few of the things that I talked with you about during the last 17 hours. I have also shared this info with Angela and Eliza. Our conversations have been deeply rewarding for me and I am so happy to be in dialogue with you. Perhaps the only work we can do together in the short-term is to share information and discuss possibilities for deeper connection. Here are my reflections on many of the things we have shared. 

First, I wanted to pass information along to you about the Hiil Innovating Justice Program. Your work and the way you are using creative strategies in your work would inspire this global justice network which is an aspect of The Hague Institute for the Internationalization of Law. Here is the link to the Hiil Innovating Justice Program and you can learn more about their mission and vision- hereIn a nutshell, the organization states: "We are driven to make justice work for people through new technologies, cutting edge knowledge on conflict resolution, and new forms of organisation and governance."

I also promise to send you information on a program at the where I work. I work at Northeastern University School of Law and I want to introduce you to a program called (PHRGE) The Program on Human Rights and the Global EconomyIf you still wish, I could put you in touch with my colleagues Kevin Murray and Professor Martha Davis to explore possibilities about co-op students either direct service or research. Martha Davis is pretty amazing and a total joy to work with.

I wanted to extend my offer to find ways to map some of the work you are doing through data visualization. I would love to follow up with your ICT person once we have had the chance to explore this more together. Data mapping is pretty easy to do and I think it can help “story” organizations like yours. I would love to volunteer some of my personal time to explore this possibility with you. Let me know what works. Here is a map that I worked on with human rights advocates at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

My last items to follow up on:

World Justice program and the powerful map that they created - Rule of Law Index. Also, Ravel Law and their data driven tool to help visualize American Case law.

Jules and Oby practice contemplative walking with Museum of Walking at 7am each morning. Birds, prairie dogs, flowers, insects. 

Intentional Space-Making –is a special cultural and creative social practice. -Jules

Afternoon meeting of the minds on the porch of the cottage. With horses, llama, and garden in the distance.

Final dinner honoring Oby and Jules. What an inspiring evening!

Oby and Jules worked on a grant together that was due on the last day of the residency.  At the final dinner, they presented the grant to everyone.

New Voices Sustain Community Paralegal & Village Mediation

How can Nollywood and the power of popular culture be activated to increase the social value of ideas related to access to justice, human integrity and human value?

The New Voices program will allow CIRDDOC to work closely with Nollywood actors to create an awareness campaign that will promote the community based paralegal program and Village Mediation program. The activation of Nollywood is a justice innovation because it will utilize the power of popular television and popular Nigerian actors. The selected actors have been chosen because of the power and reach of their media presence and image. All of the actors have played characters in TV programs that have dramatized a wide range of family justice issues and this mediagenic potential will be used to activate a popular culture in new ways. CIRDDOC will work with these actors to create a series of shows about family justice issues and solutions. (more info)

Women Have Wings Residency recipients Jules and Oby host visitors in their cottage/ studios to learn more about their individual practices.

Final day:  Jules spreads the word about the Creative Time Summit in DC October 14-16, encouraging everyone to meet there for Occupy the Future: CREATIVETIME SUMMIT

At this year’s Summit, we’ll take the opportunity of the U.S. elections to collectively consider what it means to occupy power from the perspective of a growing grassroots movement. As the residue of social movements from Arab Spring to Occupy, from Grexit to Brexit, imprints global discourse, we'll examine the shifting political terrain and how citizen led strategies can take on the most pressing issues of our time.